Enerjisa Enerji to supply the energy of Brisa’s Aksaray Factory from the sun

Brisa and Enerjisa Enerji initiated a collaboration that will contribute to reduce the carbon footprint via consuming renewable energy. Developing solutions to increase the consumption of renewable energy with its sustainability- and savings-oriented products under the umbrella of Energy of My Business, Enerjisa Enerji installed more than 10,400 solar panels on the roof of the Brisa Aksaray Factory. Thanks to this collaboration, the facility will meet approximately one-fifth of its current energy requirement from the sun.


The solar energy power plant, which is the largest rooftop solar energy power plant investment in the Aksaray region, enabled Brisa and Enerjisa Enerji to take a significant step towards their Net Zero Emission goals for 2050. Whilst the generation capacity of the power plant is 6,226 MWh, which corresponds to the annual electricity requirement of approximately 2,075 households, the plant will also prevent the emission of 3,000 tons of CO2 per annum.


Brisa, a subsidiary of Sabancı Holding and Bridgestone Corporation and the leader of the Turkish tire market with its Bridgestone and Lassa brands, and Enerjisa Enerji, the leading company in electricity distribution and retail, 20 of which is publicly traded, and having Sabancı Holding and E. ON SE as its main shareholders, initiated a significant collaboration. Putting efforts in line with its goal to contribute to sustainability, Brisa, the leader of the tire market, aims to reduce its carbon footprint by consuming solar energy, which is becoming increasingly widespread in Turkey and throughout the world. Thanks to the solar power plant installed in line with the principles of Energy Performance Model, Brisa will generate its own electricity and will become a role model in the sector in energy saving.


With the Solar Power Plant project of Enerjisa Enerji, which offers innovative solutions and enables its customers to save energy and increase the consumption of renewable energy thanks to the environmentally-friendly products the Company offers under the umbrella of Energy of My Business, a solar power plant with a total installed capacity of 4.2MW was installed in the Aksaray factory of Brisa. Located right in the middle of Anatolia, the Aksaray factory of Brisa is the first factory in Turkey equipped with smart technologies. Enerjisa Enerji will carry out all required maintenance works for the power plant to operate with high performance.


The energy generated by the power plant corresponds to the requirement of 2,075 households

The power plant, which was established by installing more than 10,400 solar panels over a rooftop of 75,000 m2, will meet approximately one-fifth of the requirement of the factory having an annual generation capacity of 6,226 MWh. Thanks to meeting the requirement corresponding to the annual electricity need of approximately 2,075 households with renewable energy, 3,000 tons of CO2 emissions per annum will be prevented, which is a significant contribution in terms of reducing the carbon footprint. 


Stating that the investment was a significant step towards achieving the net zero emission goal of Brisa in 2050, Haluk Kürkçü, CEO of Brisa, added: “As a company operating with the vision of innovating your journey, we attach significance to the future of our world. This awareness leads us to consider sustainability as an integral part of all our operations in line with the vision of our partners, Bridgestone Corporation and Sabancı Holding. Every year, we carry our sustainability performance further with concrete actions in order to reduce carbon emissions and waste generation, as well as consuming energy and water efficiently. We consider our solar power plant investment as an important step towards consuming renewable energy and achieving a carbon-free future.”


Developing its sustainability roadmap in a way to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Brisa is also included in the evaluation of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the international environmental reporting platform. Maintaining its success in CDP in 2021, Brisa became the Climate Change Leader of Turkey for the sixth time and the Water Leader for the third time. The Company was listed amongst the Global Leaders for the 3rd time by sustaining its A level, which is the most prestigious level in the Supplier Engagement Rating (SER).


Indicating that the 2050 zero emission roadmap of International Energy Agency also prioritizes increasing the renewable energy resources, i.e., solar and wind energy, and improving energy efficiency, Murat Pınar, CEO of Enerjisa Enerji, stated: “Climate change and environmental pollution are among the most significant issues that the world considers on a global scale for the first time. On the other hand, energy industry is one of the significant players in this issue in terms of its carbon footprint. Thus, reducing carbon emissions in every link of the electrical energy value chain is a significant trend. 


We tripled our total installed capacity with the projects we commissioned in the past six months as part of our energy operations carried out under the umbrella of "Energy of My Business”. This high performance enabled us to achieve higher job entries and financial turnover than what we targeted. In addition to our rooftop solar power plant projects, we completed the LED conversion of 7,350 lighting fixtures as part of our energy efficiency projects, and we have initiated our activities regarding the industrial efficiency projects for 2022. The most meaningful output of all these projects was to reduce the carbon footprint of our planet as much as the annual impact of a forest covering a size of 100 football fields (10,000 tons of CO2).

We are more than happy to have contributed to the goals of our country as well as our world to reach a better future, with the solar energy power plant that we will commission on the rooftop of the Aksaray Factory of Brisa.”

Brisa carries sustainable energy to every field 

Brisa was the only company in Turkey to support Solar Impulse, which was the first aircraft to make the first circumnavigation of the Earth using only solar power. Solar Impulse completed the over 40,000-kilometer first circumnavigation of the Earth on July 26, 2016 using only solar power. This remarkable and historical journey brought attention to the power of renewable energy and clean technologies, and raised global awareness on sustainability.


Brisa Academy and Museum building stands out as it was designed in accordance with the Sustainable – Smart building concept. The building, which is certified with the GOLD level by LEED (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), one of the most prestigious global organizations to certify environmentally-friendly, sustainable buildings worldwide, can generate 20-25 of its own energy requirement.


Brisa, the leader of the Turkish tire market, also initiated the use of solar powered totems at the Bridgestone Performance Center that the company has recently opened in Izmir with a premium store concept. Brisa has the goal to expand its sustainable practices and reduce its carbon footprint in dealer and service processes.

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Enerjisa Enerji to supply the energy of Brisa’s Aksaray Factory from the sun

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